Live Smoke-Free

Heal the cause of your smoking habit and the problem goes away!
The most successful smoking-cessation therapy I have encountered. M. Fitzpatrick, Director, Meaghers Pharmacy Group.




Imagine If You Never Wanted Another Cigarette

For The Rest Of Your Life...

Hey,  Brian here.

Why is it so hard for you to stop smoking when it's something that you really want to do?

The answer is that sometimes you feel that you really need to smoke.

That's because there's an intention behind your smoking: you're trying to make yourself feel better.

So, by identifying and resolving this intention there are dramatic results - healing happens.

One benefit of this healing is that all desire to smoke disappears completely. You can quit smoking without trying.

For more than 23 years I have worked to create a safe effective way to end addictive habits.

The new transformational process I have developed (see below) will change your life.

Come on. It really is easier than you could ever imagine; just give me a call and let's have a chat. 

You'll be very glad you did.


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Una3"Hi Brian, a huge THANK YOU. 2 years in March. I would call it MAGIC what you do."

Una Corcoran Barnes


A Premium Habit-Healing Treatment

Brian will undertake intensive personalised treatment with you over several days.

With constant communication and real-life feedback from you, normally just one or two sessions are enough to ensure you are completely craving-free.


A Unique Therapy

What makes this innovative treatment unique is that Brian will heal the actual cause of your smoking and of your cravings.

This will not alone stop you smoking, but will also contribute to greater feelings of well-being, wellness and wholeness in your life overall.

An old internal conflict will be healed, resolved, and gone forever.


The Benefits

Brian explains: "My clients get to live longer, be healthier, safer, cleaner, save money, and have a greater quality of life.

You will feel better, have much more energy and be protected.

Your increased safety means you'll feel more confident, secure, and peaceful. You'll love it."


Future Safeguard and Support

In the unlikely event that you have any further difficulties with your habit in the years to come, Brian is happy to resolve any further issue free of charge.

stop smoking

"Brian, you gave me freedom to live again, never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up."

Micheál Mac an Bard


Your Journey to Freedom

- Brian heals the cause of your smoking habit at your main therapy session.

- Brian monitors you closely to ensure you are craving-free.

- Further treatment is given immediately, if needed.

- Treatment ends when Brian is satisfied that you have no cravings and zero desire to smoke remaining.

- Monitoring continues in the weeks to come to ensure you remain comfortably and safely smoke-free.




Brian Healy


Habit-healing consultant Brian Healy creates experiences that transform.

His brief therapy is unique, masterful and unlike anything you may have experienced before.

If you sense that you are now ready to make a change to your lifestyle,  just reach out.

You'll be very glad you did.